Sustainability defines man's ability to "meet the present-day needs without compromising the
possibility of future generations being able to satisfy their own needs".
This is the inspiration that has guided the birth of what is now one of our best products:
sustainable suede offering superior performance,
the result of 8 years of passion and technological innovation by the Research & Development
department of SCIARADA, a world leader in the production of suede since 1977.

A new beginning for ensuring a better future,
an innovative production process that respects the environment and circular economy principles,
recovering and regenerating suede processing waste (RE-SUEDE®)
and significantly reducing the chemical products without any further addition of chromium,
while also cutting down on CO2 emissions and the use of water.

A more aware use of the resources that gives life to suede with an even higher performance,
first and foremost, its colour fastness. In fact, evolo® suede does not bleed
and thanks to this extraordinary property, prestigious finishes are possible which
endow a velvety touch while keeping the colour fastness unchanged.
In addition, evolo®, which is UV-ray resistant, comes in various sizes and thicknesses
expressed in an unlimited range of particularly deep and intense shades.

For SCIARADA, the only company in the Tuscan tanning district to hold Bureau Veritas certification,
sustainability means to offer a fashionable product with reduced environmental impact
and the highest quality standards.